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Alla Zakarian

16-03-2020 | 11:11 Football

Leading Sports Lawyer makes bold claim about the Premier League season reaching a conclusion: Liverpool fans won't like it

A leading Sports Lawyer Richard Cramer has made a bold claim about the Premier League season concluding. Cramer said, that unless the football season can return in a few weeks, then it will have to be cancelled and started again. The Premier League and EFL have been suspended until the start of April, while Champions League and Europa League until further notice. However, it's still unclear when it will resume due to coronavirus outbreak. Cramer warns to wait for the worst case. "If they get the games going in the next, sort of the beginning of April, I think we should be alright, "Cramer told Sky Sports News on Sunday afternoon. "But if we go through to May or June, it's almost inevitable - it's almost the equivalent of what happened in the world wars - that the season just has to be cancelled and they start all over again. "It's obviously devastating for the likes of Leeds United and West Brom. Those clubs are on the verge of promotion. “It's not a great thought, but they will have to abide by what the majority says and what decision is eventually made by the board of directors." This decision will not like Liverpool, as they are on the verge of winning the Premier League title after 30 years. The Reds are 23 points above second-placed Manchester City. Source: Football.london

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