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Karine Grigoryan

17-11-2019 | 14:42 Football

Kosovo manager reveals the only way to stop Raheem Sterling

England are preparing to play Euro 2020 qualification game against Kosovo today, November 17. Ahead of the game, Kosovo manager Bernard Challandes jokingly revealed that the only way to stop Raheem Stering is to "break his legs". Sterling is set to make his return to the squad as he missed the qualifying game against Montenegro due to a row with Joe Gomez. "If we remember the first game in England, with so much space, it's impossible to stop him," Challandes said at a press conference. "Because what he has done in this match is 461 metres (distance covered) with high intensity. "It's incredible. Only as a team we can find a not so bad solution [to stop him]. Or we break his legs, but we are too nice." source - Mirror

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