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Karine Grigoryan

13-04-2019 | 14:28 Football

Jurgen Klopp has sent a message ahead of Chelsea clash

Jurgen Klopp's side is preparing to take on Chelsea on Sunday, April 14. Currently Liverpool is leading the league with two points gap and one more game played than second placed Manchester City. Ahead of the game, Klopp has urged the Reds fans and players to be in a fighting mood as they are entering final weeks of the title race. “It is the last part of the season and use all your body, each fibre. That is what we do," said Klopp. “The opponent is so strong and in a good moment. I want us all in a real fighting mood, all at Anfield and whoever is in front of the television, in a proper aggressive, fighting mood. Go for whatever we can go for. “At 300m two are together and in the last 100m you go with all you have. In the last last part of the season we have to use everything we have.” “Chelsea is in a good moment, so from the first second of the game we have to be a completely different opponent to all the others they have faced in recent weeks,” continued Klopp. “When you analyse the West Ham and the Slavia Prague games were completely different line up wise. They made a lot of changes and were still on their toes, and will make them probably again. “So it is not too important who plays, it is more important how WE are. How can we bring real problems to them because you don’t see that when you analyse them.”

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