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Jurgen Klopp press conference: The coach has provided tactical changes that the team will face ahead of crucial Napoli game

Liverpool will be hosting Napoli tomorrow night, as the Reds prepare for the crucial Champions league game. The Reds must win either 1-0 or by two goals to qualify out of their group, although, if Paris Saint-Germain draw with Red Star Belgrade then any victory for Liverpool will see them through. Ahead of the game Jurgen Klopp has spoken out on Liverpool's chances of qualifying for the next round as well as tactical changes the team can fae. On Joe Gomez’s new long-term LFC contract and his development… "Since I’ve been in, his development is incredible, to be honest. It was only a bit delayed because he was injured for England U21s when I came in, with a really serious injury. It took a while until he was back and then, how it always is, especially with young players, you need a bit of time to find all your natural strength and football skills back. Last year was already brilliant and this year was outstanding. "I’m pretty sure the future is bright for him. This injury is pretty much useless in the moment but we know how it is with a broken bone; in the moment when it’s not broken anymore it’s all fine again. That’s the cool part of it. He needs a bit of patience but then everything will be fine and he can go again. "I am really happy he made that decision, it is brilliant for us but also I think it is brilliant for him. It’s the right club – he loves the group, he loves the environment, he loves living here and all that stuff. So it is a smart decision for both sides." On Liverpool wanting to right their previous wrongs in the group… "That’s how we see it. We knew after the Napoli game that was not good enough to get something there. Belgrade was not better. Paris was an absolutely OK away game; in the Champions League you can lose against PSG in their stadium. That can happen. We gave them a proper game but we lost it. So far at home we were good – we have to be even better tomorrow night. I told the boys, I really think if nothing special happens with referee decisions, we get tomorrow night what we deserve. "The only way to make that sure is to really perform at our highest level in the two big parts of the game: defensive and offensive. That makes it special. But we caused the situation and we are responsible in a good way and in a bad way. The group is a hard one; that was clear when we got the draw. Now we have the chance to go through and that is pretty special after the campaign we played so far. Now we have to create a special atmosphere with the way we play and we have to use it as well. I am really looking forward to it. It is a big opportunity for us and we will try everything to put it right." On staying calm at the top of the Premier League… "We will not change. For us, there is no reason to. We can still read the calendar – it is December, it is not even Christmas. The season ends in May. We will not get carried away. We know how difficult it is. We knew how the Bournemouth game how difficult it was in that game. And the next [games] are coming. It is absolutely no problem. We are not the most experienced side but we know our way at least and that is exactly which way we will go all the time. But the league is not too important in the moment because we play tomorrow night against Napoli and the position in the table doesn’t help you too much. "We were confident before the other games as well, against Napoli and especially before Belgrade and that didn’t help. We have to make sure we are ready and it’s a big task. Napoli did so well last season with Maurizio Sarri and then such an experienced manager as Carlo Ancelotti coming in. In the summer when we played the pre-season friendly he was already full of praise about the club and the little changes he wanted to make. It is really tough after a very demanding coach like Sarri, making changes and keeping the players behind you, that they really want to do that after being successful. You can see the differences and it’s so good. They are doing really well in the league. "We know the result(s) we need and it’s quite difficult. Napoli are good in possession and good at counter-attacking as well. They are a typical Italian team, good in defending. That’s a big challenge but it’s football and if something special is possible, then it is here. That’s why we should try it." On whether it’s more difficult to keep clean sheets in the Champions League than the Premier League… "If I say now it’s the quality of the Champions League, that’s only half the truth. I think there are a few teams in the Premier League who are stronger than, for example and with all my respect, Belgrade. They scored twice against us and they deserved these goals that night. So, it is just the competition. We always try to defend in the best way we can, but the quality of the opposing sides is not to ignore. If you think about the game Napoli played against us, it was actually the opposite of being brilliant from us, but they stayed on track and wanted to win it until the last second. A draw was not even in their mind, they wanted to win it. Maybe in another game, another team would have accepted the draw, but they didn’t. It is all about the quality of the opponents, for sure." On whether he has thought about making tactical changes for the game…  "We will make tactical changes and we will try to create an atmosphere that is special." On whether he’s ever thought about managing in Italy after Napoli chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis revealed he tried he hire him when he was at Borussia Dortmund… "I still have a three-and-a-half-year contract, so I am not sure if anybody wants me after that! I like Italy, I like Italian food, unfortunately I don’t speak your language that well and I really think that’s cool. What I really like is that Mr De Laurentiis doesn’t hide with information, he is quite chatty! I don’t think I ever told anyone about that talk, but he mentions it from time to time. I think he is happy with all the choices he made in the past. Bringing in Maurizio Sarri was incredible and now having Carlo back is outstanding. I think they are really happy with the coaches they had and have – and in the moment, the people here are really happy with me as well, so we don’t have to think about changing anything."

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