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01-10-2020 | 17:48 Football

Jurgen Klopp lifts the lid on what he "hates" people suggesting about Liverpool's approach

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that he "hates" the perception that certain games matter more than others ahead of their Carabao Cup tie at home to Arsenal. Klopp is expected to make significant changes to his starting line-up. Speaking in his programme notes, Klopp, who delegated the pre-match press conference to assistant Pep Lijnders, insists that he does not care less about fixtures in certain competitions. He said: “It is not a case of treating certain competitions as priorities over others. It’s about managing the situation, the circumstances and the squad. I have over 20 players for each match who, in my opinion, are good enough and have earned the right to play. “But the rules mean I can only pick 11 to start each time. This is the hardest part of management when you are blessed to have such an incredible group of players. “It is likely we will make changes this evening but I hate that this is perceived in a way that certain games matter more than others.This game tonight matters like you wouldn’t believe. “We want to win it with all we have. But the situation and circumstances cannot be ignored. We played on Monday just gone and we play again this Sunday coming. “We are fortunate to have players who can come in and our quality and approach not change even 0.1 per cent. For Arsenal I’m sure it is the same.”

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