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07-11-2019 | 18:39 Football

Jurgen Klopp responds to Pep Guardiola "diving" comments ahead of Manchester City clash

Liverpool are preparing to host Manchester City on Sunday, November 10. Ahead of the game, Jurgen Klopp was invited for an interview with Sky Sports where he spoke out on Pep Guardiola's "diving" comments. Speaking to Sky Sports, Klopp said: “I am in exactly the same situation as him (Pep). We constantly get asked questions and sometimes we say what is in that second in our mind without thinking about anything else, that we are in public, that there is a camera. “Then he explains it about speaking with his kids and whether it was really a penalty or not. It’s a discussion they had at home and I’m completely fine with that. “I couldn’t have more respect for Pep Guardiola, that’s how it is. I’ve known him for so long, it’s a big thing for me to be his contender. It’s great.  “For me he is the best manager in the world and we have the chance to win against his team which is very difficult but possible. That is enough for me. “We’ve had a good few results against them, from my side it is nothing else but respect.” Currently Liverpool are leading the league table with six points ahead of Manchester City. source - LiverpoolEcho

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