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Karine Grigoryan

23-09-2019 | 19:43 Football

Jose Mourinho sends title warning to Liverpool after Chelsea win

Jurgen Klopp's side beat Chelsea with a 2-1 score in the Premier League on Sunday and are currently leading the league table with maximum points, but Jose Mourinho thinks that five points lead to Manchester City isn't significant. “Five points lead to Man City, I don’t think it is significant,” Mourinho told Sky Sports. “Liverpool obviously they are going to lose a match, like City lost to Norwich. They will lose a match. “They are going to drop a couple of points here and there and City are capable of having a run like Liverpool is having now. I think this five points gap is not so significant. “But we were speaking before the game, it is better to go in the top of the league, it’s better to look back and see my biggest rival. “City today, it’s one of these matches, where they think, Stamford Bridge, even a draw is good for them, they go from five to three. In the end it is a big victory for Liverpool.” While Liverpool celebrated a victory over Chelsea, Manchester City had a huge 8-0 win over Watford on Saturday. via Daily Star

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