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21-09-2018 | 14:15 Football

Jose Mourinho ahead of the Wolves clash:” Manchester United is difficult enough for a kid of 19-years-old”

Manchester United play Wolves in their 6th Premier League match. Both of these teams go into the fixture having won their last two Premier League fixtures. Jose Mourinho faced the press ahead of the game. On Recovery and Preparation The two days in between [games] are hard. When you have three days, it’s much easier and you have one day to work tactically. When you have two days, it’s much, much, much more difficult because everything is about recovering from the match and then preparing for the next one. But the team is finding stability and confidence levels are important. We’re back at home after three away wins, and I think the atmosphere will be very positive for us. We know it’s going to be difficult but we are confident.” Dalot set to drop out despite an impressive debut I want him, in this process of adaptation, to play totally fresh, so he’s not playing tomorrow. He plays Tuesday again. Playing for Manchester United is difficult enough for a kid of 19-years-old, coming from another country and after an important injury and surgery. He doesn’t need to face more difficulties. It was a difficult pitch, he recovered totally and on Tuesday he will play again. But he showed for the ones that don’t know him very, very well that he is not a player to be here just on the formation, is a player to be here [to fight for] positions - he’s a very good player. Mourinho full of praise for Wolves Really good, last season dominant, and we all know that it’s not easy to be dominant in Championship, even if you have the best team, and they were dominant since the beginning until the end. Then they had a strong market, great work, great adaptation to the Premier League, getting the points and the performances that makes them feel and everybody feel, I include myself, that they are going to have a very stable season, very far from the problems normally a team that comes from the Championship has. On changing the relationship with Jorge Mendes and Wolves' Portuguese core I don’t speak to him [Mendes] for quite a long time to be honest, but when we speak we don’t speak about my job or his job, he’s my agent and that’s it, but I think the work in Wolves is good because is not just about Portuguese influence, Portuguese manager, staff and players. It’s also about getting the right ones and I think they got good young players and got also good experienced, stable players, so they got this season, the Portugal national team goalkeeper, Joao Moutinho, one of the players of the 100 caps club, big stability in the team, the young ones are young boys with good potential and you can see the work of the coaching staff and the team is a really really good team. Talking Nuno Espirito Santo When they are players you always have players you have a little bit of a feeling they can become managers, but I don’t think even then think about it, that team at Porto. I would say 75% of them are now managers, Nuno reaches the Premier League level and reached it be his own merit and credit. He didn’t come directly to the Premier League, he came to the Championship, so he earned the right to be a Premier League manager and fantastic work, the result speaks by itself. Phil Jones fit Jones is okay now, so it’s Rashford and Matic suspended – they are the ones who are not available. So what about United's centre-halves? No, I think the team as a team is resolving the defensive problems better than before, I don’t want to say was Bailly or Jones and is now Smalling or Lindelof. I think the team is more compact, more solid, the spirit, the cooperation, the empathy, the communication all of that improvement in the team and good results bring confidence and I think we are improving as a team. I don’t want to say our improvement has the name of Chris or Victor, the team is playing better and they are part of the team that plays these matches.

Manchester United early injury update and team news ahead of the Wolves clash


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