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28-10-2019 | 18:28 Football

Jordan Henderson sends message to Liverpool midfield critics

Jordan Henderson claims that he doesn't really care who scores goals as long as the team wins. Henderson scored the equalizer in Liverpool's 2-1 win over Tottenham during yesterday's Premier League game. Speaking after the game, Henderson said: "I don’t really care who scores goals as long as we win. People will analyse and say we want more goals from midfield but ultimately if the forwards score the goals then what does it matter? "As long as we win games, the midfielders can contribute in other ways throughout the game. It’s not always goals. Now and again it’s nice to get on the scoresheet, but for us it’s about performance, it’s about working together as a team, and it doesn’t matter who scores. "It’s always nice to get on the scoresheet and contribute in that way. It was a good time to score as well so [I’m] pleased with that. But like I say all the time, it’s about the win, it’s about the three points and the performance, and that was very good. "It was obviously nice to score, get us back in the game. I am delighted to contribute and to get the win was obviously the most important thing so, overall, I am very pleased."  Liverpool continue leading the league table with 28 points. via LiverpoolEcho

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