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Alla Zakarian

06-12-2018 | 13:32 Formula 1

Jean Todt watched GP with Michael

FIA President and former Michael Schumacher team boss Jean Todt has revealed that he followed the race on RTL while visiting his friend Michael Schumacher. “I’m actually always cautious when I say something. But it’s true that I watched the Brazil GP in Switzerland with Michael,” says Todt. What the 72-year-old disliked: “I was very frustrated because I couldn’t believe my eyes after five minutes. When I watch a race, I always have an iPad lying next to me with all the times. That’s why advertising doesn’t bother me so much. “I also understand that private broadcasters finance their coverage in this way and that the procedure complies with the law. But I would have wished for one of those little windows in the corner where I wouldn’t miss the race completely. When I see a race, I want to be able to understand it.”

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