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20-12-2023 | 13:20 Football
"It’s crazy": Loleon Lescott says Man City have a player who has the same mentality as Wayne Rooney
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"It’s crazy": Loleon Lescott says Man City have a player who has the same mentality as Wayne Rooney

Joleon Lescott has drawn parallels between Phil Foden and Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney, highlighting their shared mentality and love for the game.

Speaking on Manchester City's pre-match show on YouTube, Lescott emphasized Foden's natural-born ability, strong desire to be the best, and a profound love for football, likening these qualities to those exhibited by the Manchester United legend.

Lescott noted Foden's relentless commitment to the sport, reminiscent of Rooney's approach, and shared anecdotes about the attacker's constant ball involvement, even playing football in hotels during international duty.

The pundit emphasized City star's unparalleled passion and dedication to the game, comparing it to Rooney's similar mindset during his playing days.

“I think there’s a natural-born ability to a certain extent but I also think there’s a natural desire in him to want to be the best and want to improve. And like I’ve said numerous times, I think he loves football more than any player I’ve seen. Wayne Rooney was probably like that”, he said, via Manchester City News.

Reflecting on Foden's time in the academy and at younger England age groups, Lescott noted that the young player always had a football with him. He mentioned instances where they had to restrict extra training after the official sessions because Foden would stay on the training pitch for as long as allowed. 

“They had to remove balls from the hotel because he’d just be walking around the hotel dribbling. He’s obsessed, it’s crazy!" the pundit added. 

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