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17-08-2020 | 21:35 Football

Is he fueling the fire? Bernardo Silva’s latest actions creates a tense situation between Liverpool and Man City

  Manchester City’s defeat against Lyon was sensational. Indeed, no one expected Pep Guardiola’s side to lose the game, where they were the dominant side. For the 3rd consecutive season, former Premier League back-to back champions stop their Champions League path in the quarterfinals.  Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva tweeted after the game: “The 2019/2020 season has ended for us in a very disappointing way. To all the fans, we’re sorry for this frustrating season. The only thing we can promise is that in 2020/2021 we’ll fight a lot to do much better and get back to winning important things for you guys!” Hours later, the Portuguese international posted another tweet, mocking Liverpool fans for their aggressive responses.  Bernardo wrote: “And to all Liverpool fans that have nothing else to do than to come to a Man City player account, I’m also sorry for you but for the wrong reasons...Face with tears of joy pathetic... go celebrate your titles, or try to find a partner, drink a beer with a friend, read a book...so many options!” Is Bernardo fuelling the fire and making a tense situation between Manchester City and Liverpool? Former Monaco man doesn’t seem to hold back.  From the standpoint of LFC fans, it all started at the Etihad Stadium, during the guard of honor. Bernardo was the only player to stand and not applause rivals, as the latest had just won the title for the first time in 30 years.  It’s not a surprise that Manchester City and Liverpool players can argue on the pitch. The very latest incident happened between Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez, which then had its sequel during the international break.  In Bernardo’s case, we can say the player has taken the situation personally.  LiverpoolECHO journalist Paul Gorst has wrote his opinion on this case.  “If you look at the pictures and footage from that night, Bernardo Silva was the one City player very visibly not giving it a round of applause. So I think Liverpool fans have taken to Twitter on Saturday night with a little bit of glee and delight in the fact that City were dumped out by a team they should be beating, and he’s tried to fire back.” Gorst wrote on LiverpoolECHO. “I can only imagine the amount of tweets he’s had to see before deciding to fire back. But when you’re a multi-million pound footballer, you’re best staying off Twitter for a while, and ignoring it, because he’s only made it worse tenfold now.” he added.  We may see another title race between the two giants, but this time it could be different in terms of the non-football factors. 
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