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27-11-2021 | 15:00 Football

'I was a bit gutted' - How Norwich City tattoo fans reacted to the change of crest

Norwich City have unveiled the new crest on Tuesday, to which some fans with tattoos reacted differently. Canaries supporters David 'Spud' Thornhill, 46, and Terri Westgate, 47, are among those who have the previous badge inked onto their skin.
"The new crest is not too different. The colours of my tattoo are starting to look a bit faded so it is possible I could get it updated for the new year.   "It's my only tattoo but I often wanted to get another one. It has to be something I am still happy with in 50 years time, and I am still going to be a Norwich City fan."
    Terri Westgate's Norwich City crest tattoo on her lower back (Credit: Terri Westgate) Terri Westgate's Norwich City crest tattoo on her lower back (Credit: Terri Westgate)   Ms Westgate  understands why the club has updated it, as well as making the features such as the lion and the castle more closely identified to the city. But for Mr Thornhill, it was a shock to see the new update of the badge.
"I am an old traditionalist so, I am not going to lie, I was a little bit upset because of the history behind the existing crest.  
"We are a unique club in many ways as not many teams have no letters or words on the badge.   "Unfortunately we do need to come to terms with the 21st century so I am gutted but I do understand it."
  David Thornhill showing his Norwich City tattoo which he has had since 2004 (Credit: Contributed)   Source - eveningnews Join us on Telegram!/ Follow us on Twitter!

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