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Alla Zakarian

13-05-2018 | 23:16 Football

Huge update on Mikel Arteta to Arsenal

Mikel Arteta is the assistant coach to Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. Latest reports claimed that Arteta is on Arsenal's radar as a replacement for Wenger. And there has been an interesting update on Arteta's future. The spaniard was asked about the speculation surrounding Arteta  and suggested there was an offer on the table. "If he decides to move because he has this offer, this option, I will not say you don’t have to go. I want the best for my friends, and he’s a friend of mine, and I want the best. "If he decides to go, I will be so sad, but I will understand his decision, because it’s his career, his life, his family. And I am not right guy to say you don’t have to do that. But hopefully, hopefully he can stay and finish what we have started together. "What we have done this season, Mikel , his contribution was outstanding, amazing. We were together so good, all the staff, with Mikel. So if he stays I will be happiest guy in the world," Guardiola told reporters.

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