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14-05-2021 | 20:55 Formula 1

Hill: "Max Verstappen must make Lewis Hamilton's life 'unpleasant' to win title"

Former Formula 1 champion Damon Hill believes Max Verstappen is already realising the title is slipping away from him. The Red Bull driver sits 14 points behind Lewis Hamilton after the first four rounds. "I think they looked a little bit flat footed [Red Bull and Verstappen]," Hill said on the F1 Nation podcast. "And they will be really hard on themselves, as they always are now, but I mean, I was quite surprised, a little bit surprised by Max's equilibrium. "He seems either like he's putting a very good act on it, or underneath he is extremely upset because I think he knows the clock is ticking. He knows this is a slim chance. But it's a chance for a championship, and it's slipping away already." Hamilton has seven world titles to his name and is aiming to win his eighth, to become the best Formula 1 driver of all time. Hill believes Verstappen needs to up his game to really get under Hamilton's skin if he's to win the title. "It made me think about how Nico beat Lewis and the only way Nico beat Lewis was to needle him and make life unpleasant. And Lewis doesn't like that. He likes everything to be nice and sweet," Hill added. "I think Lewis is a lot tougher and more experienced now but I think that Max [Verstappen] doesn't look to me like he's he's playing games out of the car."
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