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Karine Grigoryan

01-07-2018 | 20:03 Football

Harry Kane: 'I feel I’m going to score every time'

The England captain has scored five goals in Russia and put his name on the top of the list in the race for the Golden Boot. Kane insists that he is fit and fresh to face Colombia in Moscow on Tuesday, after being benched in the game against Belgium. The Tottenham striker stated: “My confidence is sky high. That’s 100 per cent the case. I think I am going to score every time I am on the pitch.That’s especially the case when balls are just dropping in for you and things are going for you. You can’t wait to get out there.You feel you are going to get chances and that feeling helps you find chances." Later he added.
“I’m ready for everything, whether it is a penalty, a set-piece or anything. I try to practise different situations and make sure I am ready for anything that comes.You just want to be on the pitch because you know a chance will come."

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