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Alla Zakarian

08-10-2018 | 17:23 Football

What happened when Trent Alexander-Arnold took on the world chess champion?

Liverpool’s ‘Grandmaster’ Trent Alexander-Arnold met his match against world chess champion Magnus Carlsen on Monday. The 20-year-old lost by checkmate to Carlsen in a match in Manchester which lasted five minutes and involved 17 moves. “This whole experience has been an eye-opener, not only into just how much goes into becoming great at the game but also seeing the similarities between it and the sport I love, football,” said The full-back. “Football and chess can seem like polar sporting opposites, but there are so many similarities with the modern game. “Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the life of a footballer and I guess that is true across most sports now. Although it may go down as a 1-0 loss, I will be practising more and maybe there will be a rematch.”

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