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Alla Zakarian

13-12-2018 | 12:32 Formula 1

Hamilton and Vettel fire Max Verstappen title warning

Max Verstappen will be a force to be reckoned with in 2019, according to Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. "Max [Verstappen] has been driving very well throughout the year and has shown his consistency and has been up here many, many times with us," Hamilton said. "So, if his team does the job and delivers a platform with which he can compete even closer with us, then, of course, he'll be in the fight." Sebastian Vettel, who finished in second place, is watching closely over his shoulder. "There's a couple of guys out there who have these qualities and Max [Verstappen] is certainly one of them,” he confessed. "I also remember from my time, it's important to have a competitive package throughout the season and Red Bull are certainly very, very strong. I think they put more performance to their car than any other team across the year, so obviously, that allowed them to be very competitive. Max and Daniel [Ricciardo] have proven that they can be very, very quick and very consistent so I'm sure [we’ll see] more of him."

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