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06-12-2020 | 22:58 Football

Gary Neville and Jamie Redknapp slam Arsenal player's moment in defeat to Tottenham

Arsenal were beaten by Tottenham on Sunday in the first north London derby of the season with a 2-0 score. First, they allowed Son Heung-Min scored, then Thomas Partey walked off the pitch while Spurs were on the counter-attack, allowing Son to find Harry Kane in space. The Gunners' frustrations were summed up by Granit Xhaka, who received a booking with time running out in the second half. Xhaka chose to push the Korean striker in the back and give away a foul, with Spurs welcome for the opportunity to clear the ball out of their half and slow the game down even more. Sky Sports pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Redknapp were left bemused by the decision, with Redknapp claiming Xhaka’s actions were an attempt to fool Arsenal fans. After the free-kick was awarded to Tottenham, Neville said: “That's just madness that. It's madness.” Redknapp responded: “I don't get him. I'm sorry. How many times does he do that, Gary? " "I mean the last thing you need if you're Arsenal is the game stopping,” Neville replied. “Son's going nowhere. He's got a problem. You can't counter attack from there. It just stops the game for another 30/40 seconds.” Redknapp then claimed Xhaka isn’t doing his part to help the team, saying: "I think he thinks he's fooling the fans by saying 'look at me I'm having a go, making a tackle, getting booked again'. He's not helping his team."
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Premier League: Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal

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