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29-12-2019 | 23:19 Football

Frank Lampard reveals half-time dressing room aggression

Chelsea beat Arsenal with a 2-1 score due to late goals from Jorginho and Tammy Abraham after the opposition had scored first. Following the game, Chelsea boss Frank Lampard spoke about half-time when his team were 1-0 down and the response from his players. "You don’t want 11 quiet players who go let’s get on with it and just trot out the game. I said my piece, it was pretty firm, you can’t come here and have nothing about you," Lampard said. "Win, lose or draw, I was not so bothered in terms of how I saw the second half coming. It was a case of can we show something here lads, because we have to. We are Chelsea and we can’t roll up and not feel like the 3,000 fans who have travelled across London to watch the game. And then the lads started talking and it was a bit aggressive, which is a good thing. "The response in the second half was everything I wanted. We have been rightly questioned recently. Everton away would be a good one, a team that had life breathed into them by a new manager and we didn’t react and it was quiet after that game in the dressing room and I did not like that, and some of our home games recently were lacking something. "This is not a turning point, it is only a turning point if we show it going forward, but we showed we can have a right go and win a game in a different way. At Tottenham we won it by playing really good football from beginning to end and today we won it by showing fighting spirit. If we can put them together then we will have a chance." Source- Chelsea FC

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