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12-12-2023 | 14:47 Football
Five things that could happen if Chelsea sack Mauricio Pochettino

Five things that could happen if Chelsea sack Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino is facing increasing pressure at Chelsea, having suffered three losses in the last four games and only one win in five. The recent defeat to Everton has heightened concerns about the squad's weaknesses and Pochettino's coaching abilities. Despite the club's backing for the head coach, there is a growing sense of unease among fans.

Chelsea, currently in 12th place, spent over £350 million to strengthen the squad during the summer, but the team's performance is not reflecting the significant investment. Pochettino, who had gained credit for an impressive run against top-table sides, is now under scrutiny due to the team's inconsistency and poor display against Manchester United.

The upcoming fixtures offer a chance for the Blues to regain momentum, facing teams like Sheffield United, Luton, Crystal Palace, and Fulham. However, if results don't improve, Pochettino's position could become challenging to sustain.

In the event of Pochettino's potential sacking, here are the potential consequences, according to football.london:

1. Christopher Nkunku's managerial carousel

The potential exit of Mauricio Pochettino could further complicate Christopher Nkunku's integration into the Chelsea squad. With the player's arrival seemingly coinciding with managerial changes, from the initiation of talks to agreement, Nkunku has navigated through five managers at Stamford Bridge before even making a competitive debut. A sudden managerial change in the coming weeks might add an unexpected twist to Nkunku's anticipated Chelsea journey, leaving the player and fans alike adjusting to a continually evolving managerial landscape.

2. Conor Gallagher's uncertain future

The departure of Mauricio Pochettino could potentially impact the future of Conor Gallagher at Chelsea. Despite being a key player in Pochettino's plans during the summer and featuring prominently in pre-season, Gallagher's future might now be shrouded in uncertainty. The midfielder, who has been subject to transfer speculation, could face an increased likelihood of leaving Chelsea, especially considering the club's historical reluctance to retain players of his profile. The potential departure of Gallagher could present financial gains for the club but may also leave a void in the squad dynamics.

3. Fanbase Discontent

The Chelsea fanbase, known for its high expectations and impatience, might experience increased discontent if Mauricio Pochettino is relieved of his duties. Fans have been vocal in expressing their desire for consistent top-four finishes and success, and the lack thereof could intensify frustrations. The potential managerial change may trigger dissatisfaction among supporters, echoing past instances where banners and protests reflected fan displeasure. This ongoing cycle of discontent, directed towards different elements of the club, reveals deeper concerns about the team's performance and direction.

4. The hypothetical return of Jose Mourinho

While purely speculative, the dismissal of Pochettino could lead to discussions about the return of Jose Mourinho to Chelsea. Although this scenario seems unlikely given Mourinho's previous managerial stints with the club, it remains a topic of intrigue among fans. Assessing the dynamics between Mourinho and the current squad, as well as the club's present state, would be a complex task. While Mourinho's return might unite fans temporarily and create excitement, questions about progress and long-term stability would linger, emphasizing the need for a forward-looking approach beyond past glories.

5. Another setback in the club's strategic vision

Perhaps the most evident consequence of another managerial change would be the setback in Chelsea's overarching strategic vision. Continually parting ways with managers is not indicative of a stable and well-executed plan. The club's emphasis on "The Process, The Plan, or The Project" would face increased scrutiny if the managerial carousel persists. Trust between fans and the ownership could further erode, and the club's broader strategies and numbers may come under heightened skepticism. Sacking yet another manager would underscore challenges in maintaining a coherent and successful long-term plan for the club.

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