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FIFA 20: Manchester United’s Daniel James and Marcus Rashford given huge upgrades

Manchester United secured a quarter-final place in the Carabao Cup after 2-1 win over Chelsea on Wednesday. Marcus Rashford and Daniel James were impressive and both have been given huge upgrades in the latest FIFA 20 database update. Here are the latest changes to the Manchester United squad on FIFA 20, as of October 29. Daniel James - Upgrade James' acceleration (94-96), reactions (68-69), sprint speed (94-95), stamina (77-84), aggression (39-54), positioning (65-68), vision (63-64), ball control (69-73), crossing (68-69), defensive awareness (23-37), dribbling (73-74), finishing (62-68), long passing (50-52), long shots (54-66) and shot power (71-73) have all been boosted. Marcus Rashford - Upgrade His potential overall rating has been increased from 88 to 89. Scott McTominay - Upgrade The Scottish midfielder's acceleration (59-61), dribbling (73-74) and sprint speed (63-66) have all been boosted. Harry Maguire - Upgrade The defender's stamina (70-72) and vision (66-67) have both been boosted. Jesse Lingard - Downgrade The 26-year-old's ball control (84-82), dribbling (82-80), finishing (77-75), positioning (84-82) and reactions (83-81) have all been downgraded. Lingard's overall rating has dropped from 82 to 81. Mason Greenwood - Details Update/Upgrade The talented youngster's height has been changed from 6ft 2in to 6ft 1in. The striker's overall rating has now also been upgraded from 67 to 68. Diogo Dalot - New Trait The Portuguese full-back has been given the dreaded 'injury-prone' trait on the game.

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