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Alla Zakarian

29-04-2019 | 12:39 Football

Fans think they know what Paul Pogba said to Eden Hazard

Paul Pogba and Eden Hazard shared a private chat at the end of the 1-1 draw between Manchester United and Chelsea. Both players have been heavily linked with a move to Real Madrid and according to fans, they were discussing future moves to the La Liga club.
One said they were "definitely discussing what Spanish neighbourhood they'll be living in next season" with another adding they were "laughing because they both know Madrid is calling". https://twitter.com/phil_world88/status/1122552848720461827 https://twitter.com/Temmi_T/status/1122553127528308736 https://twitter.com/A_Peggy89/status/1122555208305926145 https://twitter.com/OhioV1/status/1122552835034558465

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