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20-11-2019 | 13:16 Esport (cyber)

EA Sports release potentially game-changing patch notes for FIFA 20

FIFA 20 is barely two months old and loyal players are already growing frustrated with the gameplay. A number of new changes were added to the famous football franchise. PATCH NOTES The following changes have been made:
  • Increased the effectiveness of shots taken 15.24 meters/50 feet or closer to the target.
  • These shots will now be less likely to be impacted by the error.
  • The impact of ball velocity and vertical ball velocity on all types of shots inside the box has been reduced.
  • The target, in this context, is the exact location of where the ball is expected to go, determined through a mixture of directional input, and the Shooting Assistance setting.
  • This change is intended to bring shooting closer in-line with how it is portrayed on the real-life pitch.
  • Improved accuracy of Ground Passes when performed in easy passing situations.
  • An easy passing situation generally occurs when there is no pressure or interference from the defending team, and when the pass is performed at a reasonable angle and distance.
  • This change does not impact Through Passes and Lobbed Passes.
  • Increased the speed of Ground Passes performed during Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, and Corner Kicks.
  • Penalty Takers will no longer move their heads once the Shoot action is performed.
  • The Penalty Taker’s head will lock to the middle once the run-up begins.
  • This change does not affect the ability to continue aiming the kick during the run-up.

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