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Alla Zakarian

05-12-2018 | 15:31 Boxing

Deontay Wilder reveals where he wants to fight Tyson Fury rematch

Deontay Wilder has no intention of fighting Anthony Joshua next and says he is hoping to rematch Tyson Fury in Las Vegas as soon as possible. “I’m ready to do it again,” Wilder told reporters on a conference call. “My main goal is Tyson Fury. I’m looking forward to giving him the rematch as soon as possible. He woke up from hell – I want to put him back there.” Later appearing on Speak For Yourself, he was asked if the rematch might take place in Las Vegas, and continued: ‘That is one of the places that I am considering, as well as New York too. “Vegas would be huge; being that there’s such a big controversial talk around the world [about the fight]. Vegas is a perfect place to have it. Therefore, we will see what happens. However, I am definitely going to get him the rematch, he deserves it. To settle the score finally, who really won. Everyone got so many opinions and I respect everyone’s opinion.”

Wilder confirms he wants rematch with Tyson Fury

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