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12-04-2019 | 11:31 Football

Dele Alli reveals why he has the utmost admiration for Raheem Sterling

Tottenham star Dele Alli has revealed why he has the utmost admiration for his England national team teammate Raheem Sterling. Alli, who is Sterling’s rival in the Champions League quarter-finals, says he is impressed by Manchester City ace’s ability to focus on his football while handling pressure from outside. "The worst I've ever seen was with Raheem at the Euros," said Alli, speaking during an episode of Dele: Moments which is available on OTRO. "He is honestly one of the best people you could meet in how he's dealt with everything. "That was my first major tournament and he was what, a year older than me - I don't know how I would have handled all the heat that was put on him. "When I was younger Raheem was playing the first team a lot sooner than I was. He was a much bigger name before I started coming onto the scene. I already had this picture of him from what I'd seen, but when you meet him he's one of the nicest people I've ever worked with. He's so focused and dedicated."

Source- The Mirror

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