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Alla Zakarian

14-12-2018 | 16:36 Football

Cesc Fabregas hits out at Maurizio Sarri amid AC Milan transfer interest

Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas has revealed he is unhappy with his playing time under Maurizio Sarri. “I know what my role is,” he said. “Unfortunately it's not the one I want. I'm keeping it professional as usual. I'm always trying to do my best, in the conditions, playing with the youngsters, playing with the first team, even though this year I still haven't played with the full, full first team one game. But, I'm trying to do what I can. It's a difficult situation for me, obviously. I'm playing the cups and the Europa League. “I don't give up. I'm not someone who you'll see complaining or not giving his all because of that. I'll always be there showing my face when needed and if the time comes the time comes. We'll see what happens.”

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