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25-03-2018 | 21:50 Football

Carlos Carvalhal: Jose Mourinho "likes confrontation"

Swansea City manager Carlos Carvalhal has claimed that his Manchester United counterpart Jose Mourinho thrives "when he is fighting" with people.

"I like Mourinho and he knows that I like him," Carvalhal told Sky Sports News. "I studied him. I spent a week at Manchester United when Alex Ferguson was there, then a week watching Mourinho at Chelsea. I also went to Real Madrid. "I tried to learn with the best. He has a big self-confidence, like I do. You need that. But he is a completely different personality to me. He likes confrontation. He likes to fight with people. And he's very good when he is fighting. "I am completely different. I like to keep far away from the fight. I like to win, but, if someone tries to fight with me, they will find they are fighting with themselves. If a club sacks me one day, the next morning, I feel sorry for them because they have lost a good manager. "My background is strong, in knowledge - in both theory and practice. I know I have experience and I'm completely ready for everything."

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