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26-10-2018 | 16:45 Football

BREAKING: Jurgen Klopp provides injury update on Naby Keita and Henderson, compares Cardiff to PSG and reveals who will captain

Liverpool have enjoyed an unbeaten start in the Premier League and will expect to continue that run against Neil Warnock’s Cardiff. Ahead of the game, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has spoken out to the press. On Salah's double in midweek It is always very important. It is not a bad thing to rely on one person. But it makes more sense to put responsibility on different shoulders. All three of them showed up. They have done very well the last few weeks but it was about how long they hadn’t scored. New deal for Gomez? He is a very important part of this squad. I remember when I came in and everybody told me about him and how good he was. When I watched the games back before I came in, I thought he was good. Since coming back from injury, he is full of confidence and showing how good he is. He has a big future here. On Warnock's 'unbeatable' comments I am looking forward to meeting him! He is obviously very talented vocal wise. It will be a big pleasure to meet him. It would be cool if that was the truth and they will try everything. He is one of the most experienced managers in the world. He can do what he wants in the Championship! On importance of set-pieces We have worked a lot. It is quite difficult to talk about and the routines! It wasn’t a strength of ours and that is what we tried to improve by putting a focus on it. It doesn’t always work but it is a different approach. Team news They won’t play tomorrow. Both are in a good way but won’t be ready for that. I think that’s it. The rest should be, apart from Ox and Rhian, will be available. More on Warnock and Cardiff He looks like a character - a very emotional and lively person. I saw the final period of the Championship last season and they showed up. They weren’t the best team in that league but they deserved it in the end.  It was really impressive what they did. On Cardiff This game is a challenge. Do we have to talk about who should win? If everything goes well, it should be Liverpool. But in football, this isn’t always the case and they can change a few things.  They are 100 percent concentrated, good from set pieces, particularly the long throws. They are good on the ball with quick players out wide. It makes it a very interesting game. There are different tools you can use to make a game interesting.  We need the crowd to make the difference. The players won’t go into the game not expecting it to be difficult. But the crowd do that sometimes and it changes the atmosphere. Every game is the same, PSG or Cardiff. On Divock Origi He is a good example for players who aren’t involved. He has been outstanding. Dom Solanke is in a good moment but he isn’t playing, like Clyney, Moreno. You can only play really good football when you train well and everyone is. Joel Matip will play in 97 percent of Premier League and Bundesliga clubs but he was not in the squad last time out. If the boys continue to train like they have done, they will have their moments. Same system vs Cardiff? I don’t know what you can expect. It was good - it looked good. It was a game where it made sense to play like this, it wasn’t just because of injuries. People were quite excited about Fabinho’s performance. It was really good but he is still young and can, and will, improve. I was happy for him because even though I said it was no problem, I know for a player it was different. You want to be involved immediately but I wanted to wait until the right moment and that was the right moment. On Van Dijk being captain It wasn’t my decision. I decided Henderson and Milner will stay (as captain and vice-captain). But the next two the players can vote. Now we have two Dutch guys next - Van Dijk and Wijnaldum. That was the players’ decision.

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