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02-03-2020 | 20:48 Football

BREAKING: Ex-Liverpool striker BANNED from football

Former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has been given a worldwide ban until the summer, LiverpoolECHO reports. 30-year-old forward has been accused of breaking the betting rules in 2018, when he completed a loan move to West Brom. Sturridge had reportedly told his brother to make a bet that he would join Sevilla. The move to La Liga did not happen and Daniel moved to West Brom instead. While originally having 11 charges, the Appeal Board has proved two of them, which were earlier dismissed alongside 7 other charges. Sturridge is not allowed to participate in any kind of football activity and will pay a £150.000 fine. Earlier, ex-Merseyside club striker has terminated his contract with Turkish side Trabzonspor by a mutual agreement.

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