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04-02-2020 | 17:17 Football

Benjamin Mendy admits Pep Guardiola told him to “calm down”

Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has admitted Pep Guardiola told him to limit his antics on social media. Mendy is famous for his antics on his social media accounts. Last season he suggested he was in Hong Kong when he was in Barcelona. Guardiola reacted badly before Mendy moved to clarify. When Guardiola was asked about Mendy being there in a press conference, the manager said: 'F***, is he?' Mendy told FourFourTwo: "He told me to calm down. He said it's normal to have a life on social media, but not too much. Some people are always waiting for you to make a mistake – and even if it's not that bad, it can become a really big thing.  “There was a tweet where I wrote I was in Hong Kong, and then I got a call from the club asking, 'Where are you?!' I was in Barcelona recovering! It was a joke but people went crazy. Sometimes I didn't think when I was tweeting, but then it goes deeper. Now I think a bit more. Honestly, though, Pep is just unbelievable. Tactically he's amazing, but it's also the way he makes you feel. “He's the manager but he can be your friend, too. Not a friend like you would go out with all the time, obviously, but you can talk openly and he'll make you feel good. You aren't scared to approach him like some managers – he makes you so relaxed. That's good for a player. The way he speaks about football, you feel it; you can see how much he loves it and you want to fight for him. After he's done, you're ready. “What you do well he isn't going to tell you necessarily, but the small things you aren't doing well? He'll definitely let you know – 'you are going to train, train, train'. And not just 11 players: everyone in the squad knows what they need to do, including the young guys – it's one identity. Keep the ball, a lot of passes, but everything with intensity.  And that's so important: if you do everything with intensity, you're going to get good results.” Source- Daily Mail Join us on Telegram!

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