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18-06-2018 | 15:04 Football

Belgian ace Eden Hazard again eyes Chelsea exit

Eden Hazard has invited Real Madrid to bid for him ahead of their World Cup campaign. And the Chelsea are claimed a successful campaign in Russia will make a summer transfer more likely, according to Mirror Football. The Blues playmaker told L'Equipe: “I don't want to speak about transfers now. I have been asked so many times about that. I am focussed on the World Cup. "But as I have already said, I have won everything in London outside the Champions League. If I am here in my career, it is thanks to Chelsea. "It would be too easy to say: I want to leave because I have done everything. It is for that before everything that I would really like to know what will happen at the club next year. "I am waiting to see if the club stays or goes. If I stay, it will be because the team will be better than the season we have just experienced. "I do not want to stay if we are less good. Real Madrid can interest me, everyone knows that. "But if tomorrow this club does not want me, we will no longer speak about it. If they want to buy me they know what they have to do. "It is necessary to have a project. I still have a project at Chelsea. "If I have a beautiful World Cup, things will be easier.”

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