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17-11-2019 | 20:12 Football

Barcelona chief Eric Abidal explains what he was thinking during Liverpool collapse

Barcelona chief Eric Abidal has recalled the Champions League semi-final when Barcelona lost to Liverpool and has explained what he was thinking during the game.

In the first stage of last season's Champions League semi-final Barcelona beat Liverool 3-0, however, in the second match Liverpool made unbelievable comeback at Anfield and beat the Catalan giants with a score of 4-3. Liverpool end up winning the Champions League trophy, as they beat Tottenham in the final match with a 2-0 score. "I will speak about the first leg first," Abidal told Sport. "All Barca fans will surely remember more the result of that game. It was really difficult and the final result is not reflective of the game. It was a clear warning of what could happen. "The disaster at Anfield was down to the attitude of the team and (not scoring) a goal. We lacked a goal. With one goal, no one would remember (what happened in) Liverpool. That's what I had in my mind in the stands. It had to happen.
"It was a different accident to Roma. They're not equal rivals and the games weren't the same. Liverpool was not Roma. You learn from it, but you have to think that the difference was one goal. And that one goal marked the season. "[The responsibility for the result] is joint between the players and the coach. It was an accident. Things happen in football that you can't explain. Not even the players that were playing the game." Source- The Mirror

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