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Alla Zakarian

06-09-2018 | 13:49 Football

Arsenal legend Merson reveals how Ozil made Sanchez look better than he was

Former Arsenal star Paul Merson has suggested that some of the criticism of Mesut Ozil is unjustified due to unfair comparisons with Alexis Sanchez. “He [Ozil] isn’t going to run around like Sanchez did for Arsenal when he gives the ball away and chases 50 yards back,” Merson said on TalkSPORT . “In a way he made Sanchez a better player. The fans loved Sanchez because he would lose the ball but run 30 yards back and tackle. "The fans were saying why doesn’t Ozil do that? “But Ozil doesn’t do that because he doesn’t give the ball away as many times.” Merson insists that Unai Emery has to keep faith with the 29-year-old. “At £350,000 a week you have to make a space,” said the Sky Sports pundit. “It’s a hard one. If I was manager I’d want him in the team but then you’d be watching the game thinking what did I pick him for today? “Some people love him, some people don’t like him. I think he’s top player. “For me, you always play your best players, so he should be playing in that team.”

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