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Alla Zakarian

25-04-2019 | 11:35 Football

Arsenal fans slam Granit Xhaka for what he did for opening Wolves goal

After each and every game Arsenal fans need someone to blame. In the 3-2 defeat to Crystal Palace, it was Shkodran Mustafi. This time the focus of criticism is on Granit Xhaka. Arsenal suffered a 3-1 defeat to Wolves. Ruben Naves opened the score in the 28th minute of the match. During the free-kick, Xhaka tuned his back and ducked away as the ball hit past Bernd Leno. Fans on social media slammed the Switzerland international. One tweeted: “That’s pathetic from Xhaka again. He ducks in the Wall to I believe for the first. Ozil also pathetic but he thought he’d get the day off with us playing away and all." Another added: "Xhaka absolutely bottling it in the wall. Either be prepared to get hit in the face or don't be in it." https://twitter.com/AnyoneButWenger/status/1121134896897056768 https://twitter.com/LeGrove/status/1121140748257247233 Next time Arsenal will be in action on Sunday, April 28 against Leicester City.

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