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20-08-2018 | 09:49 Football

Alvaro Morata’s Arsenal goal ended four-month goal drought

Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata scored in the derby against Arsenal as the Blues secured a 3-2 win. Following his first Premier League goal since April Fool’s Day  Morata admitted that he has lifted a huge weight off his shoulders as it was a ‘mind block’ for him. Morata said:  “Yes, when the ball goes into the net everything changes. My mind is not blocked anymore and I hope now I can score lots of goals. “It’s not been a good period for me over the last year. I missed a penalty in a friendly game and seemed like it was the final of the Champions League. “But I always feel the support and love of Chelsea supporters and it’s very important for me to keep working and fighting. It’s very important for me to do my best and I keep working to improve and I think this year will be better.

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