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27-01-2022 | 00:58 Football

AFCON 2021: Qualified teams and quarter-final pairs

Africa Cup of Nations has reached the quarter-final round. In the round of 16 Nigeria and Gabon suffered defeats and were eliminated from the tournament. Meanwhile, Gambia and Cameroon continue their AFCON2021 journey.

AFCON 2021 qualified teams for quarter-finals in full

Burkina Faso Tunisia Gambia Cameroon Senegal Morocco Egypt Equatorial Guinea

AFCON 2021 quarter-final pairs

Gambia vs Cameroon Burkina Faso vs Tunisia Egypt vs Morocco Senegal vs Equatorial Guinea

When will AFCON 2021 quarter-finals be played?

The quarter-final games will take place on January 29 and January 30.

TOP goalscorers of AFCON 2021

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