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Emmanuel Petit slams Arsenal stars for “ridiculous” mentality

Arsenal legend Emmanuel Petit has laid into the Arsenal squad for their “ridiculous” mentality away from home.

Petit said: “Their form away from home is poor, it’s ridiculous.

“So, the question is simple to the players. Are you picking your games?

“You’re ready for Spurs because it’s a derby and because you’re fighting for the same position in the Premier League table?

“But then you’re going to play maybe Cardiff next week, it’s a home game, but if it was an away game I would be thinking, are they going to be ready mentally?”

“I was very happy the first few months because I was curious to see Emery’s revolution,” he told Mirror Football.

“And I saw when they played against Spurs and Chelsea – two derbies that they won – they were great on the pitch, great behaviour and spirit. They played as a unit, as a team and they showed the big character as well, great desire.”

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