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Edmilson: Messi will consider Juve as personal challenge

Former Barcelona midfielder Edmilson commented on Barcelona’s Champions League quarterfinals first-leg loss against Juventus (3-0).

“It’s natural not to be at a really high level and not play well in every game. It’s not normal to play two games in the Champions League as badly as Barca, either,” he told Radio Barcelona.

“I don’t know what the atmosphere is like but those who are on the inside are working to find solutions in order to finish the season well.

While asked to Lionel Messi’s role in the second-leg scheduled on Wednesday, April 19, Edmilson noted:

“Messi is a player who has made the difference in the last 10 years in the world. He’ll possibly score against Juve because it’s a personal challenge. He wants to win another Champions League with Barca,” the legend concluded.