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Eddie Hearn teases Tyson Fury over “embarrassing” promo for WWE fight in Saudi Arabia

Image source: Getty Images

Eddie Hearn has said, Tyson Fury’s WWE press conference was the most embarrassing thing he has ever seen.

Fury announced on Friday in Las Vegas that he would take on Braun Strowman at the end of October

“Welcome to Sky Sports Box Office, Tyson Fury,” said Hearn on IFL TV. “It’s great innit. I watched the press conference, it was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s massive exposure. Listen, he’s nicking a few quid, he’s going out there, why not?”

Asked what is in it for Fury, he continued: “Money, what else do you think? It’s just good fun isn’t it, wrestling. It’s going to be good for his profile worldwide, and like I say he’s getting a few quid. Have you seen the video when they were hitting each other? I was like [puts ahead in hands cringing]. Bit of good fun.”

Tyson Fury vs Braun Strowman WWE fight confirmed for Saudi Arabia