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Eddie Hearn responds to claims Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury could be delayed to November

Eddie Hearn, Managing Director of Matchroom

Image source: James Chance/Getty Images

Eddie Hearn has rejected claims suggesting Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury could be delayed to later in the year to maximise revenue generated by the lucrative site deal. AJ’s promoter revealed on Monday that contracts are signed for the undisputed heavyweight title fight.

June/July has been consistently touted as the target date, but there have been rumours that the fight could be pushed back as countries could pay more money when various COVID restrictions are lifted.

When asked about the speculations, Hearn told talkSPORT: “Yeah, that’s 100 per cent the focus. We know it’s a difficult world at the moment, we know there’s travel restrictions, we know global economies are crumbling, but ultimately that’s the date of the fight. People are talking about, ‘Some people might prefer this fight to take place in September/October/November.’“ Well, ‘some people’ aren’t us. We want Fury against AJ, two fights this year.

“This is what we’ve signed up to, this is what we’re talking to all the relevant sites and approaches that we’ve had is a two-fight agreement, one in June/July, one in November/December. Not later on in the year and so forth.”

Regarding claims the site fee could rise greatly if the fight is delayed, Hearn laughed and added: “I don’t know where all this information’s coming from, but everyone’s just guessing. The truth is we’ve had seven or eight offers already for this fight in the summer.

“I think most people would prefer the fight to take place a little bit later because of the uncertainty around the world – it’s not on the table. What’s on the table is a fight in the summer for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world.

“Yesterday we had two calls with two potential sites who are of course very, very excited about this opportunity. From Top Rank’s side and Team Fury’s side, they’re having calls as well. I had one absolutely crazy approach yesterday which was quirky, which was exciting and we have numerous conversations this week as well.

“Outside of maybe the Olympic games, this is the biggest property in the sporting world this year, as far as I’m concerned. The demand is huge. What is on the table is the undisputed heavyweight world championship fight, June or July of this year.

“That’s what we’re working towards and we will make sure that we maximise the opportunities for the fighters. We’re moving quickly, we wanna get this wrapped up in the next 28 days. We will present those [offers] to the fighters and the fighters will be the ones that choose where this fight will take place.

“Anthony Joshua, I promise you right now, he said to me last night, ‘I’ll do it in your garden, I’ll do it in my garden, I just wanna get my hands on Tyson Fury.’”

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