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Dwyane Wade And Stephen Curry: Who Would win between the Heat Big 3 or the Warriors Big 3

Image source: NBC Sports

With the NBA being on suspension, former Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade and Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry joined in an Instagram Live video chat.

During the live chat, Wade asked Stephen Curry who would win between Miami Heat big 3 and Golden State Warriors big 3.

“Miami Heat vs Golden State. Our big three versus y’all. Who would win?” Wade asked.

To which Curry replied: “Let’s play it out on the NBA 2K.”

“I think we all have those moments when you see great teams and … individual players, and be like, ‘Damn, I would love to have had a moment to play against them in my prime.’”, Wade added.

As a reminder, the NBA has been suspended due to coronavirus outbreak.

source – FadeAwayWorld

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