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Dwayne Wade kills it with crazy footwork


Dwayne may be slower than he was, but he makes it up with a bag of experience.

Victor Oladipo did not stand a chance

LeBron James jumps for a nasty tomahawk jam

Miami Heat’s James Johnson elevates for a huge dunk against Knicks

LeBron James starts off the second quarter in style

Terrence Ross jumps for a 360 dunk against Toronto Raptors

VIDEO: John Wall has a nasty slam coming up

VIDEO: Victor Oladipo makes a nutmeg pass to Enes Kanter

VIDEO: James Harden went coast to coast to give Houston Rockets the lead

VIDEO: Saric has a crazy no-look pass coming up for Holmes

VIDEO: Kawhi Leonard breaks Trail Blazers defense and throws a nasty slam

VIDEO: John Wall leaps up to cancel out Ibaka

VIDEO: Nuggets’ Zach Randolph cuts through Grizzlies’ defense

Jazz victory over Trail Blazers comes with a crazy Exum jam !

Wiggins with a crazy 3 point buzzer-beater

VIDEO: Blake Griffin flies over Looney for a crazy dunk !

VIDEO: Cole Aldrich leaps his way to a crazy one-handed jam !

VIDEO: Joe Johnson hits a crazy 70-foot buzzer-beater

NBA. Beautiful alley oop by Philadelphia 76ers players (video)

NBA Preseason. Denver Nuggets 106-97 Portland Trail Blazers. Full Game Highlights