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15-08-2019 | 18:52 Basketball

Draymond Green reveals what he feels about the way how Kevin Durant left the Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant joined Brooklyn Nets during this summer from Golden State Warriors. Durant leaving the Warriors was linked with the incident that he had with his teammate Draymond Green. The incident between the two teammates happened when Golden State Warriors played against Los Angeles Clippers during which Green and Durant had an on-court argument which continued in the locker room as well. Green reportedly called Durant a b**** and dared him to leave in free agency, which eventually happened. Later from the incident, Draymond Green has revealed that he is completely okay with the way Durant left the club. In an interview with Rachel Nichols on ESPN, Green said: "I found out that he was picking Brooklyn when everybody else found out, which is exactly how it should be. He didn't owe it to me to tell me before he told everybody else. We did what we had to do. The thing that people forget about in this league is like, this is our lives. I'm not about to go to Kevin Durant and say 'hey Kevin, can I get my fiancé pregnant?' … That's my life. Am I supposed to come to you and A) let you know that's what I want to do or B) ask you for permission? No. So I found out exactly when everybody else found out, which is exactly how it should be." https://twitter.com/Rachel__Nichols/status/1161769857232379904?s=20 via cbssports

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