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Dillian Whyte’s coach sends warning to Tyson Fury as Body Snatcher targets March return from shoulder injury

Dillian Whyte's coach sends warning to Tyson Fury as Body Snatcher targets March return from shoulder injury

Image source: Getty Images

Dillian Whyte’s coach Xavier Miller has sent a warning to Tyson Fury, claiming “The Body Snatcher” will be “too much” for him.

Whyte is hoping to return back from the shoulder injury by March 2022 and to face “The Gypsy King” in a WBC mandatory title fight.

Fury is considered the world’s best heavyweight by the Ring Magazine, however, Miller believes his boxer has all chances to cause more problems than Deontay Wilder or Wladimir Klitschko.

He told talkSPORT:

“I just think that Dillian is going to be a little bit too much for him,” Miller

“I think that Klitschko was right at the end of his career.

“Even though it was a fantastic win, it’s not a fight anyone is going to go on YouTube and watch again.

“It was awful, let’s be honest. It wasn’t a good fight, but Tyson has actually become a fan-friendly fighter now.

“The Wilder fights were a couple of decent fights, so he has been in a couple of decent fights and I will watch them back. I think that is why this is the best time to have this kind of fight.

“Dillian likes to be in exciting fights, Tyson seems to be going that way now. I respect him, he’s skilled. He’s been boxing a hell of a long time so he knows exactly what he is doing.

“I think he found the right dance partner in Deontay Wilder, but Wilder is not Dillian.”

Then the coach added:

“Dillian can take you out with one shot as well. Even up to this date, no one has put Dereck Chisora out with one punch.

“Dereck has been in with everybody and been hit with a lot of clean shots and a lot of guys have not been able to budge Dereck. Dillian done it with one punch.

“So with Dillian again, the power is real. I’ve been with Dillian for about two years now and I want him to be a more complete fighter, so that’s what I have been working on with him.

“He’s an even more dangerous fighter so, to me, yes Wilder has a right hand and it is real and I respect it, but Dillian has a lot more tools in the box.

“It’s a different puzzle for Tyson, there’s going to be a lot for him to deal with. I think that’s probably why there’s some hesitation.”

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