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24-03-2021 | 20:51 Boxing

Dillian Whyte makes "boring" Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury admission

Dillian Whyte is concerned that Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury's long-awaited fight will fail to live up to expectations. Joshua and Fury are set to fight for all four major heavyweight belts this summer after signing the relevant contracts earlier this month. "In my opinion it's a 50/50 fight because they have a lot of similarities and they can both adapt and modify their styles depending on their opponent, so it's very difficult to say who will win," he told BBC Sport . "It could be really exciting or it could be really boring where they try to be too technical and one is waiting for the other. I can't wait though." Analysing the strengths of his two fellow Brits, Whyte added: "Joshua is strong, has good speed and he's shown resilience coming back when he's been hurt against other fighters. Against Andy Ruiz he got knocked out, but he showed versatility second time around in the rematch, not taking any chances. "Fury is very slick, has good reflexes and good movement for a big guy, but I'm not sure if he's physically stronger. But he is taller and weighs more and has got more reach. He's one of those guys that you think he's about to lose a fight, but then he comes back. "He's overcome adversity and he's beaten guys in fashions that you didn't think he would have done. He draws with Deontay Wilder and then he says he is going to knock him out next time and he does. He went from a backfoot defensive fighter to a front foot offensive fighter."
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