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Difficult Questions with Virgil van Dijk: How the Dutchman disappointed the 8-year-old boy (VIDEO)

Image source: Getty Images

It is an international break and while Virgil van Dijk is in the Netherlands and getting ready to face Northern Ireland, his club, Liverpool released a very funny video.

In a video, Van Dijk answers to the questions by Liverpool Under-8 team players’ questions and they are very difficult.

During the interview, the Dutchman reveals is he scared of anything, who is the most famous person in his phone and so on.

One boy says: “I am a bit disappointed.”

VVD Asks: “Why?”

The boy answers: “Because I expected to see Mo Salah, instead of you but it does not matter.”

However, the most honest moment of the interview was the part, when a boy asks Van Dijk, why is he so good.

Van Dijk asks him back, does he think that he is good and the boy simply answers “No”.

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