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Deontay Wilder told Anthony Joshua ‘EASIER’ to beat than Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua is a more winnable fight for Deontay Wilder than Tyson Fury, according to the boxing trainer Dave Coldwell.

“I think the problem you’ve got there is if you’re Wilder’s team, you look at that first fight and you think: ‘s**t, we got out of jail. We got out of jail. Big time’. Because Tyson controlled everything,” he told Starsport.

“Apart from the two knockdowns, Tyson controlled everything. That’s him coming off such a long layoff, not having any real fights going into a big fight. The next time he fights, he’s gonna be better. His timing’s gonna be better, his judgement and his confidence is gonna be better because he’s gonna know now what he can do.

“Going into that fight, you’re human. I don’t care what your camp has been like and everything, you’re gonna think to yourself: ‘I’ve dropped all this weight. Am I gonna be able to perform?’ ‘I’ve done this, that and other to my body and abused my body, is it gonna catch up on me? If Wilder hits me, can I get up?’ He’s answered all of those questions, so he’s gonna go in there as a better fighter. So if you’re looking after Wilder, you’ve gotta look at that and think: ‘s**t, he’s gonna be better next time. Can we be any better?’”

When asked if Wilder can get any better, Coldwell replied: “No. Because anyone that can box can beat him. You’ve just gotta be able to withstand that power if he lands it.

“Do you look at it and think, the AJ fight is there and that’s mega-bucks. And because AJ’s more orthodox, perhaps a bit easier to hit, he’s the more winnable option. So do you flip that coin and say: ‘right, we think we can beat AJ, let’s go take the money and the opportunity to lift his credentials fully in a unification, get all the belts and then go to Tyson Fury.’ I would think that they would want to do the rematch right away, because of the fighter’s pride and the fact people are saying: ‘you got beat by that man.’ But I think from a business point of view, I think it makes more sense for them to do the AJ fight. Because it’s more winnable, an amazing amount of money.”

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