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Alla Zakarian

19-09-2019 | 18:13 Boxing

Deontay Wilder to target Tyson Fury’s face injury in rematch

Deontay Wilder plans to target the cut Tyson Fury sustained in his fight with Otto Wallin when he takes on the Gypsy King in February. The British needed 47 stitches in his face but his team intend to push ahead with their scheduled February 22 fight date. “When you’ve been in there with a person before, you see a lot of things,” Wilder told The Boxing Voice. “I can’t wait. I hope they heal well, and I can’t wait to see Mr Fury. That’s not my problem if he’s ready or not. He signed the contract. That’s his problem. He better get ready. No matter what he does, when he fights me, it’s [the cut] going to open right back up. “I’m going to pop it right back open. He can get plastic surgery, duck tape or staples, super glue or hot glue, cement glue. S***, he can go get some of that flex glue. It ain’t even going to matter.” He added: “He’s very vulnerable. When he gets hit on the chin, it’s a wrap.”

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