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Deontay Wilder slams Mark Breland for recent comments about Tyson Fury fight

Deontay Wilder speaks to youth boxers in the ring during a Media Access at Fitzroy Lodge Gym on July 26, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images)

Image source: Jack Thomas/Getty Images

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has hit out at his ex-trainer Mark Breland. He threw in the towel in the seventh-round of Wilder’s rematch with Tyson Fury in February last year. But Wilder was unhappy with his actions.

Breland commented on the claims this week in an interview with The Fight is Right and added that Wilder had poor training habits and that his career is done.

The “Bronze Bomber” responded to his comments.

“This man was around me for so long. I fed this dude,” Wilder said in an interview with 78SportsTV on YouTube. “Even when many people thought I outgrew him. Many wanted me to fire him, but I kept him on board. And to hear all these things that he’s saying, it’s crazy. You should have been gone a long time ago because of the love that I had, to continue to give you a job.

“Even after the fact with all the medical issues that he personally has going on with himself, I still kept him around. For him to betray me and say all this stuff, it is a little hurtful only for these simple facts that how close I had him with my family.

“It just allows me to believe that he had something deeper rooted about me. I can understand why. What the fuck did I do? He knows what type of person I am. He knows I look out for people. Something deeply embedded in him for him to feel some kind of way.

“Where is it all coming from? Is it because where I was in life and your career was short? It could be a jealousy thing. I can’t understand where it’s coming from. We know what the deal is. We know what’s up man. You would want to debunk something that we all have proof and evidence of.

“I told [co-trainer] Jay [Deas], ‘I believe Mark did something to the water’. I’m telling you. I know how I felt in the ring. That wasn’t me. If people understood how I felt. This man has been jealous of me. Now this is all coming out. I told Jay, ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’.

“Even in the first fight, he wasn’t even in the ring. He left as soon as the fight was over like he was mad or something. In the second fight, it was the same.

“His energy was off. He didn’t want to be around, as if he already knew something was up. Now look at him. He’s running to the UK to do interviews. He’s talking about the end of my career? It’s only the beginning of greatness. But for you my friend, it is the end.

“I’m so glad I won’t die broke. He was definitely part of what was going on. His energy said it during the first fight, and in the second, it followed. You can’t break a king. A king is a king. A king knows how to get back up, dust himself off and continue to lead, because he has people on the outside and the inside waiting for the king to get up.”

Source: RingNews24

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